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Computer Training Program

Computer Training Program

Name of the Project       : Eradication of extreme poverty among the impoverished Slum Adolescent Boys and Girls through Computer Training Program

Sources of Funding       :

People for Progress in India (PPI),

P. O. Box 51231, Seattle, WA 98115-1231,


Contact : Mr. Arun Trikha. E-mail : trikhas@msn.com

Project Period              : 1 year (From 25-04-2010 to 24-04-2011)

Project Summary :

This project aims to  provide computer training in software and hardware to 50 impoverished  slum youth (boys and girls) and thus enable these youth to become skilled, productive and creative in computer related jobs (or) self-employment source so that their poverty will be alleviated.

SPREAWS has been running  ‘PPI’s Free Computer Training Institute’ at Kadapa City.. The Institute has been running  the  software course viz., Fundamentals,   DOS & Windows,    MS-Office,  ‘C’ language,   C++ ,  Oracle,   Internet Concept, Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DTP) and hardware courses viz., Software installation, Assembling PC, Networking, Trouble shooting etc.,  50 boys and girls are getting the training in the software and hardware.

Please “click” on the following video links to see videos of the program.



PPI’s funds utilized for purchasing of 5 Computers, 1 printer, 1 scanner, Inverter, Internet pack, Software CDs, Training material, Tables, Chairs, Stools.  SPREAWS appointed an Instructor.  The Institution is running in a rented room.  The salary of the instructor and rent of the training institute is contributing by 2 generous local persons.

50 trainees divided into 10 batches @ 5 trainees in one batch. The training classes starts from 8 am and end at 9 pm every day (Sunday is holiday).   Each batch (5 computers for 5 trainees) receives training for 1 hour per day.

Update :  Upto 18-10-2010,   20 trainees completed their MS office and DTP courses.  For these 20 trainees we are conducting hardware training..  The training programme to other 30 trainees in other courses are also going on now successfully.



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