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Floods Relief Programme

Project Name :  “Emergency Relief Programme to the Floods Disaster affected Families”

Funding Agency   :  Global Compassion, Inc., United States of America

Brief Summary :

A depression over Southwest Bay of Bengal brought heavy rainfall in several Districts of Andhra Pradesh State in November 2021. The more than 7 days of non-stop rains has left a trail of devastation in the rain shadow over the Kadapa district. The flood victims are struggling hard to get relief from the Government, NGOs and from the possible sources.

Hundreds of villages in Kadapa District were stucked water-logged of the flood affected situation.  Many of the low-lying residential houses of Pulapathuru & Nandalur villages were collapsed, damaged and even ramshackled.  Now these people are taking shelter in the Relief camp Tents.

With the donation of a generous donor agency viz.,  Global Compassion, Inc. USA, our SPREAWS NGO provided emergency relief to the 100 flood affected victims families with food essential commodities viz., Dhall, Dry coconut, Tamarind, Onions, Salt, Cooking Oil, Vegetables and Blankets and Utensils.

Please see the below video clip to see the Floods relief project implemented by SPREAWS.

Video :

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