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Empowerment of Rural Poor Women through Handloom Weaving

Empowerment of Rural Poor Women through Handloom Weaving

Name of the project: Empowerment of Rural Poor Women through Handloom Weaving Programme.

Donor Agency:

Open Meadows Foundation,

P.O. Box 150-607,

Van Brunt Station,

Brooklyn, NY 11215-607, U.S.A.

Project Duration: From 07-01-2009 to 06-01-2010 (1 year)

Main Aim of the project:

To support the 20 rural poor women weavers to undertake Self Employment cum Income Generation scheme (Handloom weaving)  of their own and thus to eradicate poverty among these poor women.

Brief project description:

In Appanapalli village we supported 20 poor women weavers who are skilled in handloom weaving but due to lack of capital investment, they are not able to do the textiles weaving.  Hence with the help of the generous USA donor “Open Meadows Foundation” we have distributed capital investment amount to 20 poor women weavers  to purchase warp, silk, yarn and colours etc., raw materials.  Now these women are able to earn sufficient income through production and selling of handloom products for example : sarees, textile cloth, towels etc., and living with peacefully.

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