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Covid-19 Emergency Relief & Corona Virus outbreak prevention measures

Covid-19  Emergency Relief & Corona Virus outbreak prevention measures

SPREAWS Team distributed the food essential commodities viz., Rice, Wheat Flour, Cooking Oil, Sugar,Salt, Dhall, Dry coconut, Tamarind, Chilli Powder, Vegetables, Fruits and Hygiene  items viz., Masks, Soaps and Hand washing Liquids,  to 100 poor households at Pusalakottalu village, Khajipet Mandal of  Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh State. The distributed commodities feed these households for upto 3 weeks during the lockdown period.

In addition to the food items distribution, SPREAWS Team conducted  awareness to the village people on how to effectively prevent the Corona virus.   The Health Worker organized Awareness Creation among the People Regarding the Safe Practices for Avoiding Corona virus Infection.




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