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Non-Formal Education Programme for School Drop-out Children

Non-Formal Education Programme for School Drop-out Children

Name of the project: Non-Formal Education Programme for School Drop-out Children

Donor Agency:


20 Fern Road



West Sussex RH20 4LW

Project Duration: From 27-09-2009 to 26-09-2010 (1 year)

Main aims of the project:

To Ensure quality education, to enable children in the age group of 6 to 14 years who are deprived of education to independently read and write with comprehension.  Through these interventions on quality education, enable communities to experience an alternative and meaningful education. (MDG # 2)

Brief project description:

SPREAWS started 2 Non-Formal Education Centers in 2 remote villages of Khajipet Mandal in Kadapa district, with the aim of providing access to education to 60 children of 2 villages who are deprived of schooling due to their parent’s ignorance and poverty.  The centers are run by interested and capable community members.  The grant of Gil Christ Educational Trust is  spent for purchasing study materials & equipments like Slates, Slate pencils, Bags, Picture books, Alphabetical books, Multiplying tables books, Arithmetic books, Words books, Pencils, Ball-pens, Pads, Erasers, Refills, Mats, Mattresses, Tables, Chairs, Wall-clocks etc., 

The programme is now going on successfully.

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